Kansas City's Best Dad Contest - Winners Announced

We got lots of great entries, but here are the 3 winners that stood out the most.
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KC's Best Dad Contest Winners Announced

We received lots of entries for our annual Kansas City's Best Dad Contest, but these 3 submissions stood out and became our winners. Each Dad gets a $100 Chux Trux gift card and one of our Chux T-shirts.  Read their stories below (in no specific order):


From Erica Good:

 My name is Erica Good, I am 18 years old, and I’m full of love. As cheesy as it sounds, it is true. I often find myself smiling at things just because I am happy it exists. If someone put in the time and effort to create something, it is worth appreciating. I plan to become a nurse one day, that way my heart can be put to good use. If I were to be asked why I am the way I am, I would put full blame on my parents. They raised me completely surrounded in incomparable love. They have motivated me beyond their understanding, and because of them I am driven to be the best me I can be. I have grown up watching my father, Stephen Good, work as hard has he can to keep his family happy, but still take the time to show my mother, my sister and I how much he loves us. He has been dedicated to his family since the day it was made back in 1994. Not only is he loving and hardworking, he is also the most supportive man I know. Whenever my sister and I have our hearts broken by silly boys, he is the first one there with the tissues. In addition to all of the incredible traits I have already discussed, my father is a fighter. He recently overcame one of life's toughest obstacles. When he was diagnosed with Lymphoma, it really struck us all. Being the strong man that he is, he made sure we weren’t worried by showing us that he was not worried about it. I am so proud to say that the first man I’ve ever loved will be able to walk me down the aisle at my wedding, and will get to be the grandfather of my children. There is no one else I could have ever wanted as a father, a shooting coach, a political educator, a driving instructor, a personal chef, an all-around inspiration.


 My dad deserves to win because he has worked hard for his entire life, and once he had kids he started working 10x harder just to keep us happy and healthy. Despite the hardships he has faced he has always overcome them. Instead of letting those struggles define him, he has used them to his advantage by making himself stronger and better prepared for any unexpected future obstacle. My father deserves to win because he is a man who never, ever gives up.


 Dad has always been an avid lover of bicycles, every year tuning in to the Tour De France to watch hundreds of men attempt to ride to victory. He has mountain bikes, street bikes, he even often looked at his ‘dream bike’ online, as one typically would a dream car. He taught my sister and me to ride at a young age, and despite our protests and tantrums against the family bikes rides he requested, we would end up going, and always ended up having fun. After a while, I fell in love with the breeze blowing on my face as I pushed the pedals around and around. My dad and I started going on rides more frequently, where I was so happy he could not get me to stop talking. I told him all about the elementary and middle school drama, and if he ever got bored, he didn’t show it. All of this led up to the biggest surprise of all. One day, I was led outside to see a new bicycle for me on the street. Not only was it a bicycle for me, but also for my father. This was no ordinary bicycle; it was a tandem. I jumped with joy, it was the best day in my young life. Immediately we went on a ride and it was the most exciting experience. I loved watching all of the cars drive by as the drivers and passengers laughed at us looking dorky on our new tandem bicycle. I didn’t care about the looks we got because I was happy being there. It was the greatest feeling, being so close to my daddy doing something that I knew made him happy. We rode in races together on that bike, we went on numerous trails just to discover them. I will never forget those happy memories with dad on those bike trails. I would not trade those days - or my father - for anything in the world. 



From Ashlyn Mansil

My name is Ashlyn Mansil, I am an Elementary Education major at Northwest Missouri State University. My Dad is Mike Mansil, he works at Helzberg Diamonds and is also a full-time truck enthusiast. My dad deserves to win this contest for more reasons than I could count. My mom passed away when I was 3 years old, leaving just my dad to raise me. He sacrificed so much for me and worked extremely hard in order to give me the life I have today. When I was in high school, there would be all of these activities and boosters for cheerleading that the mothers of the team would put on, and my dad never thought twice about stepping in and being the only dad there so that I wouldn’t feel left out. My dad has since remarried, and I now have two brothers who he also does everything he can for. He gets up at 5 am to get my brother to cross country practice, goes to work until 7 pm, and then goes straight to boy scouts and baseball practices until 10 pm. He is constantly running, trying to make the best life for his kids. My dad recently got in a car accident where some guy t-boned his truck (which is his pride and joy) and totaled it. My dad suffered from a severe chest wall contusion and swelling all over. These injuries make it hard for him to move let alone do all the things he used to do. Still, my dad hasn’t taken a break, and is still running us kids around, sitting through hours of baseball games, and going on boy scouts camp outs. My dad is truly the most selfless, caring, and devoted person I have ever met- and that is why he deserves to win. My best memory of him was Dad’s day for my sorority two years ago. It is so rare that he and I get to spend time alone anymore, but we spent the day tailgating, watching a Bearcats football game, and of course he fixed a broken door that was in the house I was renting at the time (even on his days off, he never has a day off). Getting to spend the day together with just the two of us, for the first time in a very long time, is my favorite memory of him.


From Brooke Franklin:

I am a 34 mother of two girls, Teal and Violet, age 9 and 10. We live in Shawnee, KS and have a super great husband and Father. He has too many great qualities that words could not ever describe, but if you were to meet him you would see why everyone loves his so much. His name is Dave Franklin and although as a child he grew up in a bad neighborhood he was able to make a great life for him and his family. He is a very hard worker and provides for his children not only monetary, but physically, and emotionally. He is very active and loves creating things with his hands. He has made his daughters a little free library for our front yard as well as a tree house that he is currently working on, in addition to other smaller projects. He isn’t the type of dad that says he will do something and then never does and if he doesn’t know how to do something he teaches himself. There is nothing he can’t do! He is also a great guy and everyone he meets loves him because he is true to himself and others. He truly cares about others and when he talks to you he makes you feel like he genuinely cares, because he does.

I have many good memories of him and I am sure I you ask my children they will have different ones as well but one that comes to mind is how he can protect us all and make us feel safe. Although the story is not my favorite it is how he acted and got us through it that makes a good memory. We were on vacation in southern Missouri and decided to go for a short 1 mile loop on a trail but somehow we got off that trail onto a 35 mile camping trail since it wasn’t marked right and ended up going the wrong direction further into the woods. We had already walked too far in the wrong direction when we realized we were lost, in the woods with bears and mountain lions. We were not prepared for a hike so we had flip flops and no water. In addition we had several mishaps such as broken flip flops, bug bites, and almost slipping of the rocky hillside. It was getting dark and the girls and I were scared and worried that we weren’t going to make it out. The girls couldn’t walk anymore so Dave and I had enough adrenaline that we put them on our shoulders. Through all this Dave stayed strong and made us feel safe and it was because of his strength I was able to keep it together enough for my girls and we were finally able to make it out, in the dark, just in time before my daughter collapsed of dehydration.

He does have one fault, we can’t seem to keep chocolate in the house for more than one day because he eats it but that is such a small thing and if that is his only fault we are blessed and just have to find better hiding places!


Congrats to all 3 of our winners!