BDS Lift Kits vs. the Other Guys

Ever wonder why Chux is an avid supporter of BDS Suspension and Zone Off Road suspension companies? The answer is relatively easy if you look at it from our perspective. Chux is the only installer in the Midwest who has installed over 8,000 lift kits. We've been around since 1991, so we've pretty much tried every brand there is. Some good, some "not so good". The truth is, most suspension companies can build a relatively decent lift kit. But there are a ton of things to consider when you invest a few thousand dollars into your truck, SUV or Jeep. Especially with suspension. Because this isn't a bug shield that's easily removed if you don't like it.

Lift Your Truck the Right Way

It's unfortunate that most of our customers call and ask how cheap they can buy a lift kit.  They do so without thinking about how they will use their truck, don't ask how it's going to ride, what's the history with the "cheap lift kit company" they are asking about, warranty, etc.  

When you buy a TV, you ask about things like resolution, refresh rate, warranty, etc.   But every smart guy knows that there is a huge difference in the quality of a $499 TV and a $999 TV.  When you stand at Best Buy, and look at a wall of TV's, they sort of all look the same.   You just can't always see the difference.  Same goes for lift kits. They may make room for bigger tires, but installing lift kits is major surgery on most trucks.  And you don't shop for a doctor by trying to find the lowest bidder, you want the one that will do it right.  The same should go for finding someone to work on your $40,000 truck.

Just like a TV, many cheaper components just don't produce the desired results.  Picture quality (think ride quality), quality components and circuits (drop brackets to correct drivetrain and steering geometry), warranty of 90 days to 2 years (or a "No Fine Print Lifetime Warranty PLUS a drivetrain warranty from BDS Suspension).  Lots of things to consider.  And yes, you can usually find a lift kit that is a little less expensive, but you better ask yourself WHY it's less money.  It's almost always for a reason.   

Chux uses BDS Suspension and Zone Off Road for 1 simple reason.  They're built right! BDS Supension and Zone Off Road are synonymous with quality.  Don't belive it?  Their parent company is FOX Racing. Do you think they are going to let one of their brands build an inferior product?  Uhh, "NO".

Heavier guage steel, the kits include ALL of the right brackets to lift it correctly, not just the most essential ones.   That's a "used car dealer trick" the other guys use...sell you a kit that has most of the parts cheap.  But if you want ALL the parts to make it work right, then you have to pay more.  Sort of like when there was a new truck dealer in KC advertising brand new trucks for less than $10,000.  What they didn't say in the ad is it didn't include the bed of the truck.  

And when it comes to warranty, most suspension companies have a limited lifetime warranty.  But having dealt with almost all of the suspension manufacturer's, we know the difference in them.  And having a warranty, and getting them to honor it are two totally different things.  Ever had that issue at a car dealership?  Then you know what we mean.   BDS has a "No Fine Print" warranty.  It says:

"If you are the original purchaser of any BDS product and it breaks, we will give you a new part. Period."

If that's not enough, how about a 5-year / 50,000 mile drivetrain warranty?  That's exactly what BDS gives you. Yes, gives you.  No extra charge and nothing sold like an "extended warranty".   Let's see those "cheap lift kit" companies try that.

 Starting to see why BDS Suspension is our 1st choice?

 Put Some Air Under There.  

6" BDS & Zone Offroad Lift Kits Start at $1,999 Installed, Including Alignment! Even Less for Jeeps.

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