Jeep JK Lift Kit Deals

Jeep JK 2" Zone Lift Kit Sale

Comfortably fit 33" tires under your Jeep JK and keep your factory ride!  Zone Offroad doesn't design just spacer kits, we design suspension systems. To maximize performance, a lot of testing was done to ensure the correct durometer material (that's high tech stuff) was used to maximize vibration absorption and absorb harsh impacts while ensuring they are tough enough to last the life of your vehicle.

Jeep JK 4" Zone Lift Kit Sale

Make room for 35 tires! Prepare yourself for the perfect combination of off road performance and on road handling. This 4 inch JK system offers dramatic improvement in both ground clearance as well as wheel travel. With 4 inches of lift, you can clear those 35's with tons of room to twist as well as use your Jeep for a daily driver. Zone coil springs are designed so they can be totally smashed flat and still return to their original height, so you don't have to worry about your coils sagging!

Jeep JK 4.5" BDS Suspension Lift Kit Sale

Clear 37" tires on your Jeep JK with a 4.5" BDS Suspension lift kit from Chux! This system comes complete with front and rear fixed length lower control arms and rear upper adjustable control arms to properly control the front and rear axle positions. BDS control arms come standard with OE grade rubber bushings. If you would like to upgrade, BDS offers adjustable arms with urethane ends or adjustable arms w/ flex joints to fit your needs.

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