LED Lights For Less

Wanting to save some serious cash on LED Lights? Chux now has our own house brand at a ridiculously low price!
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LED Light Bars for Less

More worried about the cost of your LED lights than having the nearly indestructible, high-end brands? Is yours more of a pavement pounder than a serious off-roader?  If you answer yes to either of these, then you might be interested in our new house brand of LED Light bars!

3" Dually lights just $49.99 each

20" Straight LED light bars - just $139.99

30" Straight LED light bars - just $189.99

50" Straight LED light bars - just $279.99

LED Dually LightLED 50in-Light-Bar

Wiring harness sold separately - $29.99

Available in-store only.