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SuperChips Computer Tuners - Lowest Price of the Year! - 1

Save up to $50 during the SuperChips Summer Sale promo. Every product made by SuperChips is on sale at Chux for a limited time. Cars, trucks, Jeep and even some Harley Davidson bikes can benefit from a SuperChips computer tuning! Get more horsepower, torque, fuel economy and several other benefits that will make you fall in love with your ride again. Flashpaq, Trail Dash, FlashCal and EAS products are all at their best price of the year.

Performance Bundled Savings on Exhaust, Tuners & Intakes

Thinking about tuning your powerplant for a little more horsepower? Wanting a little better gas mileage out of your rig? Who's up for more torque for pulling that trailer? Once again, Chux has you covered. We've got our top 3 performance categories on sale and the more you buy, the better the discount gets! Click for full details!

Nitrous Oxide NOS Bottles Refilled

If you live in the Kansas City area, and need your NOS / Nitrous Oxide bottles filled, Chux Trux has a "do it while you wait" service.
  • Chux Trux Nitrous Bottle Refill Station Chux Trux Nitrous Bottle Refill Station

Edge Products & Superchips Computer Tuner Sale

Save 10% on Edge Products and Superchips computer tuners/programmers.
  • Save Big in March on Edge and Superchips! Save Big in March on Edge and Superchips!

    All Edge Products and Superchips Computer Tuners on Sale

    Features vary by unit and vehicle.  Most:

    • Are available for cars, trucks (gas and diesel), Jeeps and SUV's
    • Gain horsepower, torque, fuel economy and more!
    • Correct speedometer for oversized tires
    • Monitor engine and transmission parameters
    • Read and clear DTC's (Diagnostic Trouble Codes - Check Engine light)
    • Internet updatable
    • And MUCH more! 

    Price varies by product and vehicle.

    Sale Ends 4-15-15

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    Prices vary by vehicle. 

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Performance Products Sale

Save money on Edge Products computer tuners and Airaid cold air intakes! Click the links below for money saving deals!