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Kansas City cars, trucks and Jeep need more horsepower, torque and fuel economy. That's where Edge Products comes in.
  • Edge Products Computer Tuners - Save up to $100 Edge Products Computer Tuners - Save up to $100 Save up to $100 on Edge Products Computer Tuners

Edge Products - The Computer Tuning Company That Brings Out the Best    

If you life in Kansas City, you need to stop by a Chux Trux store and check out the Edge Products computer tuners. They all offer different features and benefits, but they have one thing in common...they work great.

All Edge Products tuners give you:

  • More horsepower
  • More torque
  • Better gas mileage

Many offer:

  • In cab touch screen controls to change settings on the fly

  • Complete gauge packages

  • Multiple levels of tuning...for better mileage, towing or performance

  • Most correct speedometer and anti-lock brakes after installing larger tires

  • Reset check engine lights function and will give trouble codes, saving expensive diagnostic fees

  • Lower EGT temperatures on diesel vehicles

  • Set alarms, warnings, run diagnostics and SO much more!

Products available for both gas and diesel vehicles.

Prices vary by product and vehicle, but it's our LOWEST PRICE OF THE YEAR! 
During December 2016, our in-store price is now 20% off!

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just one of the many Edge Products we sell:

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