Snow is Coming - Chux has Snow Plows!

Don't want your driveway buried like last years 18-24" of snow? Chux has the perfect solution, a medium duty plow that requires nothing more than the ability to drive. No levers, controls or wiring.
  • Get Ready for Snow Get Ready for Snow Sometimes a shovel just won't get rid of all that snow. At least, not without breaking your back, risking a heart attack, freezing your backside off and spending a half a dozen hours thinking of things you'd RATHER be doing! Imagine having your driveway cleared in 30 minutes from the comfort of your truck with a cup of hot coffee or hot chocolate in the cupholder! Now you can.

    Get yourself a personal snow plow and say "adios" to shoveling and sore backs forever!

    Want the world's easiest-to-use snowplow for your home or office?
    Check out the Access Snowsport HD Plow

    * All you do is drive! No controls, levers or buttons
    * No hydraulics or wires so there's nothing to fail
    * Install it yourself in 30 minutes
    * Mounts to a Class III trailer hitch (2" square receiver)
    * Plow can be mounted on front or rear of the vehicle on a 2" square receiver hitch
    * 84" wide blade moves tons of snow in a short amount of time
    * Pays for itself FAST
    * Drop shipped straight to your door - ships FedEx within 24 hours!

    Don't believe how easy it is? Check out this video and watch a HONDA move 30" of snow!