Extreme HiLift Jacks

The Hi-Lift® X-TREME jack is for off roaders and farm hands alike. The Xtreme version is their top of the line, all cast model with features found in their other popular jacks. Plus, the HiLift Extreme jack comes in a metallic charcoal powder coated finish to make your stand out from the run-of-the-mill crowd. The gold colored zinc-coated handle and hardware offer the highest level of rust resistance, and it incorporates a special top winch-clamp-spreader attachment that replaces the standard clamp-clevis on the traditional HiLift jack models.
  • HiLift Extreme Jack - The Swiss Army Jack HiLift Extreme Jack - The Swiss Army Jack

    HiLift Jack Extreme

    The Hi-Lift® X-TREME is for the serious off roaders, with the best of the best all cast version that has unique features:

    • Charcoal Metallic Powder-Coat Finish provides a truly unique look that separates it from the standard Hi-Lift.

    • Gold Zinc-Coat Hardware ensures the greatest rust resistance from extreme use for all the hardware, the unique winch-clamp-spreader attachment, and the handle.

    • Unique Winch-Clamp-Spreader Attachment replaces the clamp-clevis of standard Hi-Lift®

    • Winch, clamp, spread to full capacity of the jack.
    • One position for all winching, clamping, and spreading positions.


    Want more info? Check out this short video on the HiLift Jack Extreme!

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