Rubber Truck Bed Mats - 1

If you just want an economical solution to protecting the floor of your truck bed, our heavyweight, custom fit truck bed mats will fit the bill.
  • Rubber Bed Mats for Trucks Rubber Bed Mats for Trucks

    Our virgin rubber, heavyweight bed mats and keep cargo in place

    Our mats are made in USA – not an import. Made from a virgin rubber (not recycled), our mats are about the heaviest truck bed mats you will find. Why does that matter? Those cheap recycled/imported mats can flop around in your bed as you go down the highway. The textured surface provides a real grippy surface to nearly eliminate load shifting and the abrasion resistance and tear strength ensure it will last forever, which is why it's backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty. Custom molded fit for all truck models ensure you'll get a great fit, without cutting. In fact, it's so thick, you get up to 50% more protection than other bed mats. And the knobby underside helps drainage to keep truck bed dry, helps to prevent rust and mildew.

    • Our bed mats are made from the same rubber compound used in heavy duty tires. Much heavier than what the discount stores sell.

    • At 5/16"-thick, these rubber truck bed mats won't flop around while driving down the highway

    • Protects your truck bed from being scratched, scraped and dented

    • Trimmed edges give it a factory, clean look

    • Matching tailgate mats also available (not included)

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    $79.99 for short bed

    $89.99 for long beds

    Sale Ends March 31, 2017

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