Extang Truck Bed Cover Sale

Save in-store and again with a mail-in rebate on Extang soft folding tonneau covers. Make sure you check out the eMax, the only soft folding cover that stands up straight for full bed access. Plus, the eMax is on sale AND it has a $50 mail in rebate! CLICK FOR FULL DETAILS

Freedom Soft Folding Truck Bed Cover - 1

Check out the Freedom soft folding truck bed cover. Easy to install & use, and even easier on the wallet! Keep cargo out of the elements, prevent theft of your cargo and look great doing it.

Extang e-Max Soft Trifold Tonneau Cover - 1

Want to see something really cool? Chux Trux has the coolest soft folding truck bed cover in Kansas City...the Extang eMax! If folds like a regular soft tonneau cover, but it can also stand up strong! Get the only soft folding cover that gives you full bed access without removing the cover! CLICK FOR FULL DETAILS