Undercover Hard Tonneau Cover Sale

Get the Undercover Flex hard folding cover, or the Undercover LUX painted ABS truck bed cover at Chux killer prices.

Undercover LUX Painted Tonneau Covers

Get the Undercover LUX hard tonneau cover painted and installed on your truck in less than 48 hours. YES, we said 48 hours. We've got some trucks/colors in stock and can pull from our warehouse on a daily basis. So now, you have options of getting a painted cover installed quick!
  • Undercover LUX Painted Tonno Cover Undercover LUX Painted Tonno Cover
    See why the Undercover LUX plastic tonneau cover is the new "first choice" in hard tonneau covers:
    • No more waiting 2-4 weeks to get a painted fiberglass tonneau cover.
    • Lightweight ABS weighs less than 70 lbs. making it 2x-3x lighter weight than competitors
    • Easy to remove with no tools required
    • Contruction is incredibly heavy duty with 
    • Concealed hinge for a factory look
    • Locks tailgate shut for security
    • Interior LED light makes it easy to find cargo after hours
    • Lo Profile looks that turn heads
    • Wrap sides keeps weather out
    • Painted in your factory color code for a great match
    • Built in spoiler adds style to your truck
    • Hang it on the wall of your garage with the included wall mount hardware
    • Phenonmenal fit!
    Was $1,199.99 installed.
    Chux price just $1,099.99 with free installation! Price good through October 2014
    Check out this short video on the Undercover LUX truck bed cover:

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Undercover Elite Hard 1-PC Tonneau Cover

Get the ultimate in lightweight hard truck bed covers. The Undercover ELITE is loaded with benefits and features the other guys can only dream of!
  • Undercover Elite Tonneau Cover(2) Undercover Elite Tonneau Cover(2)

    Undercover Elite has more benefits to owning than any other hard, 1-piece truck bed cover:   

    • Bolt Lock technology.  Program the lock to use your ignition key to secure it.  No extra keys to carry!
    • Custom fit for every truck.  Incredibly tight tolerances make this cover the best fitting on the market, hands down!
    • Insanely strong.  As you can see from the images below, these are built like your truck. Bulit to last.
    • Wrapover edges direct water where it's supposed to go. By design, it's hard for water to get the right angle to get under this cover!
    • Built in lanyard.  That's a cargo grabbing stick!  Easily pull cargo from the front of your bed to the tailgate without climbing into the bed.  And, it stores inside the cover!
    • High powered, removable LED light.  Light up your bed to see your cargo at night, or pop the light out for a quick and easy flashlight!   Use the built in hook or magnet to put it where you need it. Great to use under the hood, changing a flat tire and more. 
    • If that's not enough, how about a 3 year warranty!
    • On top of all this, Chux has a crazy price on these!  Contact us below to find out what it is.

    UndercoverEliteUndercover Elite Undercover Elite tonneau - fits great Undercover Elite with Bolt LockUndercover Elite Cargo Grabber LanyardUndercover Elite stores hanging upUndercover Elite Weather ResistantUndercover Elite Removable LED Light

     Price too low to print (no kidding). We're cheaper than many internet sites!

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