Undercover LUX Painted Tonneau Covers

Get the Undercover LUX hard tonneau cover painted and installed on your truck in less than 48 hours. YES, we said 48 hours. We've got some trucks/colors in stock and can pull from our warehouse on a daily basis. So now, you have options of getting a painted cover installed quick!
  • Undercover LUX Painted Tonno Cover Undercover LUX Painted Tonno Cover
    See why the Undercover LUX plastic tonneau cover is the new "first choice" in hard tonneau covers:
    • No more waiting 2-4 weeks to get a painted fiberglass tonneau cover.
    • Lightweight ABS weighs less than 70 lbs. making it 2x-3x lighter weight than competitors
    • Easy to remove with no tools required
    • Contruction is incredibly heavy duty with 
    • Concealed hinge for a factory look
    • Locks tailgate shut for security
    • Interior LED light makes it easy to find cargo after hours
    • Lo Profile looks that turn heads
    • Wrap sides keeps weather out
    • Painted in your factory color code for a great match
    • Built in spoiler adds style to your truck
    • Hang it on the wall of your garage with the included wall mount hardware
    • Phenonmenal fit!
    Was $1,199.99 installed.
    Chux price just $1,099.99 with free installation! Price good through October 2014
    Check out this short video on the Undercover LUX truck bed cover:

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