Chux Trux Brand - UWS Truck Tool Boxes On Sale

Get Kansas City's best entry level truck tool box, packed with features you won't get a big-box stores, but at an entry level price! Click to read the full details
  • Chux Trux Toolbox by UWS(1) Chux Trux Toolbox by UWS(1)
  • Chux Trux Toolbox by UWS Chux Trux Toolbox by UWS

    UWS Truck Tool Boxes - Kansas City's Best Quality Toolbox at an Entryl Level Price

    • Patented lid completely foam filled creates an extremely rigid center sandwiched between 2 aluminum skins to be ultra tough and help prevent any bends or warping
    • Stainless steel locking handles give you a rust-free finish plus incredible security. Did we mention how strong these were?
    • Interior connecting rods are covered to prevent cargo in your box from interfering with the locking system.
    • 0.063" Aluminum tub has a 1-pc design, and the foam filled top can hold heavy tools, absorb many drops and helps prevent leaking
    • Self-closing struts close the tool box lid automatically. A slight pull secures the box when your hands are full
    • MicroSeal weather stripping helps keep the Kansas City weather where it belongs....outside
    • Built-in trays for tools beef up the strength even more, and they keep frequently used small tools within reach.
    • A 90-degree opening lid makes it a cinch to load and remove your gear, tools and whatever else you store.

    For our email customers, when you buy at any Chux store in December 2016, you'll save $30 on any Chux branded UWS toolbox we stock!  

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