Weather Guard Contractor Grade Tool Box on Sale

Save big on the truck tool box that professional contractors rely on...Weather Guard!
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    WeatherGuard Tool Boxes are Kansas City's Best Truck ToolBoxes!

    WEATHER GUARD® Saddle Boxes are as strong as they come. The saddle box style mounts suspended from the bed rails of your truck, giving you a ton of room underneath for hauling plywood, storing gear or whatever you need. All WEATHERGUARD aluminum and steel cross boxes have some incredibly strong designs built in, to protect your tools and gear from would-be theives.  With features like:

    • EXTREME PROTECTION® Lock makes in almost impossible to break into with its tamper-resistant retracting lock cylinder.  You just have to remember to lock it.
    • 90° cover opening gives you nearly 100% access. No more lids that only open part-way
    • No drill installation
    • The body has a channel running the length on most styles for superior strength
    • Almost no one offers a Limited LIFETIME Warranty for peace of mind, except Weatherguard
    • Built in storage specifically for a 48" level
    • Full seal on all 4 sides keeps the Kansas City weather away from your gear
    • A 1-piece, full length, stainless steel piano high lets the tool box lid open up 90 degrees and is incredibly strong
    • An adjustable storage tray lets you keep small items in easy reach
    • A 12V access port lets you keep cordless drills and tools locked inside your box, but has just enough room for an extension cord. Keep your cordless tools locked inside your box while they charge!
    • 1-touch, automotive grade latches operate smoothly
    • Built in barriers protect that latch linkage and keeps interior cargo from damaging the locking mechanism
    • Reduced clearance cover
    • Aluminum construction has awesome looks, holds up against Kansas City weather and has an ARMOR TUF® clear coat finish to look good for years
    • Priced too low to print per manufacturer agreements!  Contact us below for pricing or call now

    For our email customers, when you buy at any Chux store in December 2016, you'll save $50 on any in-stock WeatherGuard tool box!

    Want more info? Check out this short video on the Weatherguard Toolboxes!

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