Travel Accessories, Hitches and Cargo Storage

Just because it fits, doesn't make it right. Make summer travel more comfortable and gain space with these awesome travel accessories. Available for almost any car, truck or SUV.

Cargo Baskets for Your Trailer Hitch

  • Click for Details Click for Details Use your trailer hitch to carry more than your boat, trailer or other toys. Put it to use to carry cargo with these affordable solutions for extra cargo carrying capacity. Great for smaller cars, SUV's and CUV's. Just slide it into your trailer hitch, put the pin in place and load your gear!

Cargo Bags and Boxes - Roof Mounted

Get your gear up and out of the way with a rooftop cargo pod or cargo bag. Designed to attach to your roof rack, these units come in lots of sizes to store tons of luggage, camping gear or whatever you need out of the way. Click on the image for full details

Class 3 Trailer Hitches at KC's Best Price

  • Click for Details(1) Click for Details(1) Time to get a hitch put on your car, truck or SUV? Chux has them at the best price in KC. But it's not for the lesser quality hitches sold by some trailer places. Chux only carries the best brand in the business, Curt MFG. They're built better, have a better coating to prevent rust, install with no drilling (most applications) and we've got tons of them in stock at our 3 Kansas City stores.

Hitch Mounted Bike Racks

  • Easy to Use Bike Racks for Cars, Trucks and SUV's Easy to Use Bike Racks for Cars, Trucks and SUV's If you live in Kansas City and need a way to haul bicycles around, Chux Trux has hitch mounted bike racks available for cars, trucks, Jeeps and SUV's. Many different models to choose from that hold anywhere from 2 bikes up to 5 bikes at a time. Just slide them into your trailer hitch and put in your locking pin and you're ready to haul them down the road. Click the image for more details.

Free eBook on Towing and Hitches

  • Free Towing eBook(1) Free Towing eBook(1)    6463-Click+Here+to+Download+Our+Towing+eBook.pdf Need help figuring out what trailer hitch to buy? Lost by all the industry verbiage like tongue weight, Class 3 vs. Class 5, and more? Want to know how to safely hook up a trailer? We've got all of this info and more in our free ebook. Download it now!