Undercover Elite LX Painted Tonneau Cover - Save $250

Check out the all new, Undercover Elite LX Painted tonneau cover! Only for the elite truck owners who demand the best. Each and every UnderCover Elite LX is built to fit your truck like a glove. Weighing in at less than 70 pounds, this lightweight cover is also the strongest cover you'll find in it's category. Strong enough to STAND on, but light enough that you can hang it on the wall in your garage like a picture. With a full seal around edge a wrap over design and a near perfect fit, this is the cover for you if keeping weather out is the goal. Easy to remove without tools and easy to reinstall, all in just a few minutes. But it wouldn't be complete without a factory quality paint job to add a finishing touch to your favorite truck.

The Undercover Elite LX has some other benefits:

  • Bolt Lock technology programs the lock to your ignition key. No extra keys to carry!

  • Painted to match your trucks factory paint color

  • High end, carpeted style headliner for a show quality look underneath

  • X bracing underneath makes the cover incredibly strong, but lightweight

  • Built in lanyard.  That's a cargo grabbing stick!  Easily pull cargo from the front of your bed to the tailgate without climbing into the bed.  And, it stores inside the cover

  • High powered, removable LED light.  Light up your bed to see your cargo at night, or pop the light out for a quick and easy flashlight!  Use the built in hook or magnet to put it where you need it. Great to use under the hood, changing a flat tire and more. 

  • If that's not enough, how about a 3-year warranty!

  • Bonus! These are made in Missouri!

Undercover-Elite-LX-Painted-Tonneau-Cover-kansas-city Undercover-Elite-LX-Painted-Tonneau-Cover-kansas-city2


UndercoverEliteUndercover Elite Undercover Elite tonneau - fits great Undercover Elite with Bolt LockUndercover Elite Cargo Grabber LanyardUndercover Elite stores hanging upUndercover Elite Weather ResistantUndercover Elite Removable LED Light

Save $150 off Chux Trux's everyday low price on the Undercover Elite LX in July 2017.

BONUS: Buy in July 2017 and get a $100 back via mail in rebate!



Check out this short video on the Undercover Elite LX painted tonneau cover:

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