The Best Floor Liners You Can Buy at the Best Price Anywhere!

  • WeatherTech Digital Fit Floor Liners WeatherTech Digital Fit Floor Liners Face it. You paid a bundle for that car, truck or SUV. It only makes sense to protect it. Everyone knows that Chux has the best parts in Kansas City for cars, trucks and SUV's. Did you know our prices are frequently LESS than you can buy things for online? Now you do. Like these Weather Tech floor liners and floor mats.

    - With a digital fit, they cover your floor board completely and won't move around
    - Built in channels divert the crud, water, snow, mud, slush, milkshakes and whatever
    else could ruin your carpet, shoes or clothes
    - Drains toward the door sill making them easy to empty outside your vehicle
    - Built so tough they have a 3-year warranty
    - Applications for front seats, 2nd and 3rd row seats as well as cargo areas of SUV's
    - Available in black, grey and tan
    - Did we mention we have the best price anywhere?

    Weather Tech floor liners and floor mats - from the experts at Chux
Protect your carpet from everything under the sun. Kids, French fries, mud, slush, snow, rain, grease, pet hair, milkshakes, baby stuff and more! The best fitting floor mats and floor liners come from WeatherTeach Floor Mats and Chux has them for less than you can buy online!

Digitally measured with lasers, they just don't fit any better than this. And, they cover more area than most other floor mats. With built in channels to guide the crud to the edge, and a short lip to keep it off your carpet, the digital fit WeatherTech floor trays keep your carpet looking good.

Colors? Black, grey and tan will match or compliment almost every interior color on the road.

Plus, they make them for almost every truck, car, van and SUV being built today. Chevy? Check. BMW? You bet. Porsche? You guessed it! Chrysler mini van? Of course!

Call your closest Chux store today and get yours set aside!