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  • AEV Conversions - Jeep JK Front bumper with hoop $1,410 AEV Conversions - Jeep JK Front bumper with hoop $1,410

    Tough as nails and awesome to look at.  The stamped steel face of AEV’s Jeep Front Bumper for JEEP JK's is a bumper that will hold up to serious off road use. This Jeep bumper is perfect for rock crawling, plowing through the bursh or mudding the deep stuff. It's the full width of the Jeep, has a built in tubular grill guard, and you can add the optional Skid Plate to get maximum protection with a design that won't compromise approach angle. The super duty, chassis mounted tow points and an optional Winch Mount will be the best additions to this and make your Jeep JK the envy of your off road buddies.

    This Premium Front Bumper from AEV comes wtih auxiliary light mounts, factory fog light mounts, and crush cans to help correct low speed air bag deployment. It also has an OE-level, double stage paint process to make sure it lats a long time. It's the only stamped steel Jeep bumper and it protects like no other.   Beware of cheap, imported bumpers that won't hold up to the task.  See the difference here


    Key Features:

    • Auxillary mounts for lights
    • Mounts for factory fog lights
    • Stainless steel decorative mesh
    • Airbag crush cans
    • 2 stage paint process
    • Textured polyester powdercoat black finish
    • Reinforced flat area on the underside for a Hi-Lift Jack
    • 1/2" steel, tow points - chassis mounted
    • Max approach angle fits 37" tires without rubbing
    • Holds most low mount planetary winches up to 9,500 pounds
    • Optional winch mount and skid plate


  • AEV Conversions - Jeep JK Front bumper without hoop $1,310 AEV Conversions - Jeep JK Front bumper without hoop $1,310

    Check out the AEV Conversions Jeep JK Tubeless Front Bumper. Just like the JK Front Bumper, the stamped steel face of the Jeep JK Tubeless Front Bumper is built to hold up to all of the mudding, rock crawling and brush busting you can throw at it. Plus, it provides awesome looks. Built to be the full width of your Jeep, you can add an optional skid plate, get the best protection for your Jeep you can have.   Designed to blend in and stand out at the same time, your Jeep Wrangler JK will never be the same again. The heavy-duty, chassis mounted tow points will help you (or your buddies) get out of messy situations and if you add the optional Winch Mount you'll be ready to put that horse to work.

    The AEV Jeep Front bumper comes with light mounts for auxillary lights, mounts for your factory fog lights, crush cans to correct airbag deployment at low speeds and ruggeed good looks at no extra charge.  It also has an OE style double stage paint process that keeps nature at bay.   The AEV Jeep JK tubeless front bumper is one of only 2 stamped steel bumpers on the market (the other being the AEV bumper WITH the hoop).


    Key Features:

    • Factory fog light mouns
    • Auxillary light mounting brackets
    • 2-stage painting process for durability
    • Stainless steel mesh for rugged looks
    • Air bag crushcans 
    • Reinforced area underneath (flat area) for Hi-Lift jack use
    • 1/2" steel tow points that are mounted to the chassis for strength
    • Maximum approch angle holds a 37 inch tire without rubbing
    • Optional winch mount and skid plate available
    • Fits mot planetary style, low mount winches up to 9500 pounds


  • AEV Conversions - Jeep JK Winch Mount $139.99 AEV Conversions - Jeep JK Winch Mount $139.99    1209-AEV+Winch+Mount+install+sheet.pdf

    The Jeep JK Winch mount from AEV Conversions is built from 1/4" steel plate and the e-coated for one of the best, corrosion resistant finishes in the industry.  It mounts up in between the frame rails on the Jeep and works perfect with the AEV Premium front bumper and the Tubeless bumper.  It's designed to hold most of the low-mount planetary winches all the way up to a 9,500 lb capacity.  Will NOT work with the PowerPlant or #8274 winches

    It installs independently from the front bumper!

  • AEV Conversions - Jeep JK Heat Reduction Hood $949 (unpainted) AEV Conversions - Jeep JK Heat Reduction Hood $949 (unpainted)

    The Jeep JK heat reduction hood from AEV Coversions is all stamped steel and allows fresh air in and the heat out.  With clean lines, this hood makes your Jeep JK stand out from the crowd, but is also completely functional.  Great for a custom look, replacing damaged hoods, and better performance.


    Key Features:

    • E-coated and ready to paint (minor prep work)
    • Lowers temperatures under the hood
    • All steel construction
    • Ads an aggressive style to any 2007 or newer Jeep JK
    • Has a fully stamped steel underside
    • Black powdercoated, stainless steel mesh grilles
    • Side opening designed to fit witht he AEV Snorkel
    • OEM-style crumple zones designed to collapse in accidents for better safety



    Note: The 2013 JK Wrangler now features dual windshield washer nozzles. Our current Heat Reduction Hood design accepts a single windshield washer nozzle. We suggest that our customers simply replace the t-fitting and dual windshield washer lines with a single windshield washer line and a straight barbed fitting when installing our Heat Reduction Hood on a 2013 JK Wrangler. You will also need to purchase part # 55156728AB from Mopar, which is the earlier model windshield washer nozzle.

    Manufacturing Process: Stamped steel

                 Outer Hood: 23 gauge steel
                 Inner Hood: 23 gauge steel
                 Mesh Inserts: Stainless steel

    Coatings: E-coat (hood), textured black powdercoat (mesh inserts)

    Application: 2007+ JK Wrangler

    Made In: United States

    Read the FAQ's


  • AEV Conversions - Jeep JK Snorkel Kit $399.99 AEV Conversions - Jeep JK Snorkel Kit $399.99    1213-AEV-Conversions-Jeep-JK-snorkel-kit-instructions.pdf

    The Jeep JK Snorkel Kit from AEV Conversions gives your Jeep a clean blast of air to maximixe performance and longevity.  AEV's Jeep JK Snorkel air intake kit is a must-have Jeep accessory that's a requirement for off roaders who like to corss deep water and dusty roads and trails.  Built in the USA, the AEV Snorkel Kit is built from trail tested, ultra tough, cross-linked polyethylene for the best durability you can get.


    It's built for both the 3.8L and 3.6L Pentastar V-6 engines, and the 2.8L CRD diesel engine (for overseas applications).  Will work on right hand and left hand drive models.  Will also work with the AEV HEMI converions for the 5.7 and 6.4L mototrs when used with the AEV HEMI air box kit.   

    Installation requires small modifications to the JEEP JK stock hood, or is a perfect fit with no cutting on the AEV Heat Reduction hood.


    This AEV Snorkel Kit comes with a standard Ram Air inlet.  An optional Pre-filter assembly (self cleaning unit) is available for Jeep's that are in very dusty environments


    Key Features:

    • Now available for 2012+ 3.6L Pentastar V6.
    • Compatible with AEV HEMI V8 applications when used in conjunction with the AEV HEMI Airbox Kit.
    • Cross-link polyethylene construction.
    • Huge 4" air inlet allows for increased air flow over the previous generation AEV Snorkel.        
    • Installs directly into the stock JK air box inlet without modification.
    • Exact fit to the JK body contours.        
    • Attaches to JK body utilizing all factory bolt holes.        
    • Optional self cleaning Pre-Filter sold separately

    Installation Notes:

    • Installs directly into the stock JK air box inlet without modification.
    • Installation requires only minor modifications to the stock JK hood or it fits perfectly with AEV's Heat Reduction Hood with no cutting necessary.
    • AEV HEMI Air Box Kit is required for installation on vehicles with an AEV HEMI V8 Engine Conversion.
  • AEV Conversions 3.8L Jeep JK Supercharger Kit - $6745.00 - $7420.00 installed AEV Conversions 3.8L Jeep JK Supercharger Kit - $6745.00 - $7420.00 installed

    Add 40% more horsepower and 37% more torque (at the rear wheels) to your 2007-2011 Jeep JK Wrangler 3.8L engine with this AEV Conversions supercharger kit! These aren't just pie in the sky claims. These gains were proven on an 07 JK running 37" tires and 5.38 gears! On the trail or in rush hour, you'll love this wystem with its air/water intercooler, coolant circulation pump along with a coolant reservoir.

    This Magnuson developed kit uses Eaton's Twin Vortices Series of superchargers and is completely self contained! Gain increased air flow and larger range of operation while keeping cooler temps and a quieter sound!

    Comes with everything you need! All the fuel system and tuning upgrades you need for your JK to handle the 5psi boost this system puts out. Includes hi-flow injectors along with a Diablo custom InTune hand held programmer to make sure you get the right fuel/air and ignition timing. It also manages the bump in HP and torque of your new "JK on steroids" so it can maintain it's street driving and fuel economy. If you have a 2011 JK you also get a recalibrated ECM and a speed control module to keep things kosher.

    2007-2010 Jeep JK 3.8L = $6745.00 installed
    2011+ Jeep JK 3.8L = $7420.00 installed
    Product Features: 
    • Installs in 8-10 hours
    • 50 State Legal
    • 100% complete bolt-on system
    • Compatible with the stock hood or the AEV Heat Reduction Hood
    • Internal Bypass Valve virtually eliminates parasitic loss
    • High thermal efficiency
    • High helix four-lobe rotors with 160 degrees of twist
    • Improved air-handling characteristics
    • Acoustically designed for noise and vibration reductions
    • Utilizes all factory “push-lock” connectors
    Included Components: 
    • Eaton MP1320 TVS supercharger with integrated bypass valve
    • High flow fuel injectors
    • Liquid-to-Air Intercooler
    • Diablo inTune Handheld Programmer
    • All necessary fittings, lines, belts, and hardware required
    • Re-calibrated ECM (2011 JK only)
    • Speed control module (2011 JK only)
    • 3-year/36,000 mile Warranty on the supercharger hardware
    • 1-year Limited Warranty on electronics
    • Optional Extended Powertrain Warranty available
    Please Note: The AEV 3.8L Superchager Kit is compatible with LHD models only.

    AEV Jeep Supercharger Kit  AEV Jeep Supercharger


    FAQ's about the AEV Supercharger

    How is a supercharger different from a turbocharger?

    Superchargers are mechanically driven air pumps that are connected directly to the engine crankshaft via the serpentine belt. A turbocharger is driven by the flow of exhaust gas which is generated as part of the engine combustion cycle.

    Why choose supercharging over turbocharging?

    Because turbochargers depend on the energy in the exhaust gas stream to spool up and generate boost pressure, there is often a delay in the response of the engine at lower engine speeds where exhaust energy is lower. This delay is often referred to as “Turbo Lag”. On the other hand, a supercharger is directly driven by the crankshaft of the engine, and there is no delay in engine response at lower engine speeds. This allows supercharged engines to have instant throttle response and better vehicle drivability.


    How is the AEV Supercharger Kit different than some of the other kits on the market?

    The big advantage of the AEV Supercharger Kit is the supercharger unit that we use. This hybrid-roots supercharger is manufactured by Eaton, who is the preferred supercharger supplier for many OE manufacturers such as Audi, Ford, GM, Mercedes-Benz, Jaguar and Nissan. Eaton superchargers are completely self-contained, making them extremely reliable and virtually maintenance free. The hybrid-roots design of the Eaton TVS supercharger delivers power lower in the rpm-range and in a more linear fashion when compared to a centrifugal supercharger, making it the ideal choice for any daily driven Jeep.     


    Are superchargers noisy?

    The AEV Supercharger Kit incorporates an Eaton TVS Supercharger with a specially designed bypass valve, which is actuated by a vacuum motor near the throttle body, and re-circulates the supercharger air flow when boost is not required. During typical driving conditions, the engine is under boost around 5% of the time, which means the remaining 95% of the time the engine is under vacuum, allowing for better fuel economy and a quieter ride. In addition, the helix angled rotors, along with specially designed inlet and outlet port geometry, also reduce pressure variations resulting in a smooth discharge flow and a lower level of noise during operation. The associated ducting and mounting used in installing the supercharger can play a major role in reducing the noise emitted by the supercharger. 


    What modifications are necessary to install the AEV Supercharger Kit?

    The AEV Supercharger Kit is designed to be installed on a 100% stock drivetrain. However, we do recommend a general mechanical inspection and tune-up prior to installing the AEV Supercharger Kit.  


    How much power will I gain with the AEV Supercharger Kit?

    The AEV Supercharger Kit will provide a 40% increase in horsepower and a 35% increase in torque. These numbers may vary slightly depending on the vehicle’s tire size, gear ratio, etc.


    Is the AEV Supercharger Kit compatible with the AEV Snorkel Kit and AEV Heat Reduction Hood?

    Yes, the AEV Supercharger Kit is compatible with the AEV Heat Reduction Hood and the AEV Snorkel Kit.


    How will the AEV Supercharger Kit affect daily drivability?

    AEV Supercharger Kit is ideal for the daily driven vehicle. The additional power that the AEV Supercharger Kit provides is available on demand, throughout the entire rpm range. Under cruising conditions, the compressed air from the supercharger is bypassed, and is recirculated in the supercharger, improving fuel efficiency. Under acceleration, the bypass is closed, and the “boosted” air is sent into the engine to provide increased throttle response and power.


    What is the warranty on the AEV Supercharger Kit?

    The AEV Supercharger Kit has a 3 year/36,000 mile warranty on parts.


    Will a supercharger void my factory warranty?

    This is best discussed with the service manager or service writer at the dealership where you purchased your vehicle. The Magnuson Moss Warranty Act states that the dealership cannot void the warranty on a vehicle due to an aftermarket part unless they can prove that the aftermarket part caused or contributed to failure in the vehicle. With that being said, adding a supercharger will most likely result in greater scrutiny, should a drivetrain issue arise. For best results, try working with performance oriented dealerships. For additional piece of mind, an optional is available. This warranty offers up to 60 months/100,000 miles of additional powertrain coverage.


    What type of additional maintenance is required with a supercharger?

    A big advantage of the AEV Supercharger kit is the lack of any scheduled maintenance. The only item to keep an eye on is the drive belt. Just as any drive belt, if it shows any signs of wear, immediately replace it. The drive gear oil, however, has a service life of 100,000 miles.


    What octane gas will I need to use with the AEV Supercharger Kit?

    Minimum of 91 octane fuel is required. Octane booster is not sufficient. We strongly recommend that an entire tank of 91 octane fuel is run through the vehicle prior to installing the supercharger system.


    Is the AEV Supercharger Kit street legal?

    Yes, the AEV Supercharger Kit is CARB approved and 50-state legal.


    How complex is the installation?

    The AEV Supercharger Kit is a 100% completely bolt-on system that utilizes all factory “push-lock” connectors. The average installation time is 8-10 hours.


    Where is the AEV Supercharger Kit manufactured?

    The AEV Supercharger Kit is proudly manufactured and assembled in the USA. 

  • AEV Conversions - Jeep ProCal Module $179.99 AEV Conversions - Jeep ProCal Module $179.99    1211-AEV_ProCal_User_Guide.pdf

    The AEV-Conversions Pro-Cal module is a must-have tool for anyone who owns a Jeep JK.  This little Rockstar is a super-simple way to make a ton of changes that can't be done at the dealership or with any other re-programmer!  


    Things like correcting the speedometer and gear ratio after bigger tires are installd.  Without correcting the speedometer, there is a big loss in the performance of the stability control (ESP), transmission shifting and your engine's performance.

    Best of all it the AEV Conversions ProCal unit will do more than just correct the speedo.  Your TPMS (tire pressure monitoring system) can be recalibrated to suit off road tires without setting off that annoying little dashboard warning light.  You can even activate daytime running lights, make your turn signals "one-touch", enable a temporary increase in the idle speed of your engine (great for winching), clear engine trouble codes and even get the best ESP performance with a feature that helps your alignment techs get your Jeep perfectly aligned!

    The Pro Cal Module is built with super simple DIP switches.  Just read the quick reference guide that comes with the AEV ProCal module and you can flip a switch to make it do what you want.  When the set the DIP switches, just plug the unit into the OBD port under the dashboard.  The whole process takes just a few minutes and you can take all the settings back to stock just as fast!


    Please note:

    • The AEV ProCal will enable axle gear ratio changes to be made to Wranglers equipped with the A580 Automatic transmission (2011+ 2.8L, 2012+ 3.6L)
    • The AEV ProCal cannot change axle gear ratios for 2011+ 2.8L CRD diesel Wranglers with manual transmissions. See more in the FAQ.

    Key Features:

    • Correct speedometer
    • Clear engine trouble codes
    • Recalibrate your TPMS (tire pressure monitoring system)
    • Increase the idle speed of the engine
    • Activate "one touch" turn signals
    • Get optimal performance from the Jeep's ESP system
  • AEV Conversions - Jeep JK Rear Bumper and Tire Carrier AEV Conversions - Jeep JK Rear Bumper and Tire Carrier
    The AEV Rear Bumper and Tire Carrier are sold seperately.
    Both the Rear Bumper and Tire Carrier are designed so that either component can be installed and used individually, or they can be used together as a complete system.

    Rear Bumper $799.99
    Tire Carrier $999.99

    Owning AEV's Rear Bumper and Tire Carrier is like having the world's largest Swiss Army knife bolted on to the rear of your Jeep JK Wrangler. It's awesome for carrying everything you need for an off-road experience, including some cool stuff you'd never even dream of.

    Start with rear bumper, which gives you great protection from impacts on trails and highways. Inside the bumper are TWO liquid storage tanks, each holding 2.4 gallons of liquid! This is perfect for a multi-day trip! The AEV rear bumper for the Jeep JK also has mounting provisions for the AEV Splash Guards, sold seperately.

    What really makes this desirable is the chassis-mounted Tire Carrier. It's incredibly versatile. You get an ultra-strong, vibration-free way to carry up to a 40" tire, plus will accept a huge list of add-ons including their new Hi-Lift Jack/Pull-Pal Mount and 10-Gallon Fuel Caddy.

    The AEV Rear Bumper and Tire Carrier System can hold:

    • 40-inch tire
    • 10-Gallon Fuel Caddy
    • 5-Gallons of water
    • Splash Guards
    • Back-Up Light
    • Pull-Pal Winch Anchor
    • Hi-Lift Jack
    • Full-size shovel
    • Sand Flag
    • CB Antenna

    Key Features:

    • Tailgate-synchronized swing-out tire carrier
    • Anti-vibration tie-rod adjustment
    • Carries up to 40" tires
    • Anti-bind swing out cradle
    • Chassis-mounted pivot
    • Chassis-mounted tubular corner protection
    • Liquid storage tanks plumbed together
    • Chassis-mounted steel recovery mounts made from 3/8" steel
    • Dual 2.4 gallon liquid storage tanks made from polyethylene
    • No-slip tongue lifting points for High-Lift Jack
    • Optional hand pump
    • Accessory mast for work light and antennas
    • Built-in step for easy roof rack access
    • Super durable polyester textured black powdercoat finish
    • Works with factory receiver hitch
    • Built in shovel holster
    • Takes weight of large tires off tailgate
    • Bumper and Carrier can be used independently

    Application: 2007+ JK Wrangler

    Made In: United States

    Tire Carrier only: Will install with the factory rear bumper with minor drilling to the bumper.

    Rear Bumper only: Installs independent of the Tire Carrier. Note that the passenger side corner tank will have a hole where the tire carrier normally passes through.

  • AEV Conversions - Jeep JK Jack Base - $64.99 AEV Conversions - Jeep JK Jack Base - $64.99 AEV's Jack Base gives you an extra 3-1/2" of lift height to your stock Jeeps "scissor" jack. This give you the abililty to change up to 37" tires safely. Most guys don't know your stock jack won't handle bigger meats until they are dead on the road, or worse - the trail. The big 7.5" x 10.5" base makes your jack more stable in almost any road, sand, soft soil and more. Compartments in the base hold an AEV lug nut extension and the OE wheel lock key. The AEV Jack Base is built to fit in the JK's rear floor compartment and will double as a wheel chock.

    Key Features:

    ? Fits into JK cubbie
    ? Change up to 37" tires
    ? Doubles as wheel chock
    ? Holds lug socket and wheel lock key
    ? Provides floatation in soft soil or snow
    ? Extremely strong and durable

    Manufacturing Process: Roto-mold

    Material: Cross-link polyethylene

    Application: 2007+ JK Wrangler

    Made In: United States
  • AEV Conversions - Jeep JK 3.5" DualSport SC Suspension Kit - $1,666.99 AEV Conversions - Jeep JK 3.5" DualSport SC Suspension Kit - $1,666.99 AEV?s DualSport Suspension Systems have taken off-road suspension engineering to the next level. At AEV, suspension development is about more than just adding lift height, articulation, or flashy-looking components. It?s about bringing OE-level suspension engineering to the aftermarket to create a true do-anything ?dualsport? suspension ? one that is both extremely capable off-road, while offering unparalleled on-road performance and handling.

    To achieve this, AEV relied on factory engineering methodology. We started with the JK?s control-arms, track-arms and steering. The geometry of each component was optimized to accommodate the new lifted posture of the JK. It may surprise people to learn that proper geometry is where AEV?s Dualsport Suspensions get much of their tremendous cornering and braking characteristics. The fact is, when the geometry is right, the springs and shocks don?t have to compensate for poor performance in these areas.

    Once the geometry was correct, we turned our attention to the springs, again relying on OE methods, which in the case of springs means frequency tuning. Frequency-tuned coil springs share harmonious oscillation characteristics that allow them to work as a matched set, front and rear. The benefit is that they help to keep the JK balanced and in contact with the road, even when driven at high speed over rough surfaces.

    After the springs were tuned, the next step is shock tuning. Rather than use an off-the-shelf shock tune, we partner with the engineers at Bilstein to develop a proprietary tune matched to our unique suspension. Together we spent days at a proving grounds facility testing numerous valving combinations in an array of simulated driving conditions. Thanks to the previous optimization of AEV?s geometry and coil springs, it allows us to tune the shocks with a focus on damping suspension movement ? rather than on trying to mask unwanted handling problems resulting from poor geometry or spring tuning.

    Overall, no matter which Dualsport Suspension System you choose, no matter where you drive it or how you load it, you can count on your Dualsport-equipped JK to remain comfortable, balanced and ready to explore.

    Key Features:

    Expedition-Ready / Daily-Driven Practical. More so than any of its predecessors, the JK Wrangler is not just a trail-mastering off-road specialist, it's a truly "street able" on-road transport too. The AEV DualSport enhances the JK to raise its performance in both arenas.
    Tuned Vehicle Dynamics. The DualSport system has been thoroughly tuned for impeccable behavior in every situation you might put it in - and especially the ones you didn't intend to.
    Complete. AEV DualSport JK systems are truly stand-alone packages that include everything needed to elevate your JK properly, including shocks.
    Please Note: Depending on availability our DualSport Suspension Kits will ship with either a Bilstein or an OME Stabilizer.

    Application: 2007+ JK Wrangler

    Made In: United States

    Recommended Tire Size:
    ? 3.5" suspension lift can work with up to 35" tires
    ? 4.5" suspension lift can work with up to 37" tires

    The DualSport SC Suspension Kit builds on the DualSport ST Kit with the addition of AEV's High Steering Kit, ProCal Module and Jack Base. Our High Steering Kit improves steering response while the ProCal Module allows invaluable recalibration capability for larger tires, gearing and more.

    Kit Contents:

    ? Frequency-tuned, progressive rate springs ? Bilstein 5100 shocks
    ? Bump-stop spacers
    ? Rear stabilizer end links
    ? Rear track-bar tower ? Custom bent OE rear track bar
    ? Brake line drop brackets ? Geometry Correction Front Control Arm Brackets
    ? AEV High Steer Kit ? Heavy-duty steering damper
    ? ProCal Module
    ? Jack Base


    ? 2012 Exhaust Clearance: Installation on a 2012 JK requires a minor exhaust system modification to clear the driveshaft, which can be done at your local exhaust shop.
    ? 2007-2011 Driveshaft: For installation on a 2007-2011 automatic trans JK we recommend a narrower drive shaft
    ? Diesel Compatibility: To install on a 2011+ Diesel JK with a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF), you will also need AEV's custom DPF tube
  • AEV Conversions - CHMSL (Third Brake Light) - $69.99 AEV Conversions - CHMSL (Third Brake Light) - $69.99 The AEV CHMSL (Center High-Mount Stop Light), also called a 3rd brake light, is an absolute must and required by law in all 50 states. If you've added an over-sized spare tire you need a way to relocate your factory CHMSL since the factory light is blocked by most off road tires. The AEV CHMSL changes the light to an ultra bright LED light with multiple bulbs pointing in 3 different directions to make sure you are seen. The AEV CHMSL works with all AEV wheels and most 5-spoke OEM wheels.

    Key Features:

    ? Works with most factory 5 spoke wheels
    ? Multi-directional, long-life, super bright LED's

    Manufacturing Process: Fabricated steel

    Material: 1/8" steel

    Coatings: E-coat

    LED: 12v

    Application: TJ (1997-2006), JK (2007+) with 5x5.5, 5x5 and 5x4.5 wheel bolt patterns

    Mount Made In: United States

    Light Made In: Taiwan
  • AEV Conversions - 17" x 8.5" Pintler Wheels - Black -  $229 each AEV Conversions - 17" x 8.5" Pintler Wheels - Black - $229 each AEV's Pintler wheel gives you awesome style and 1st rate features along with off-road durability. AEV pioneered recessed valve stems for off-roading to prevent serious trouble when crawling and scraping rocks or other obstacles. Best of all, these wheels were built for Jeeps, not just as another "one-size-fits-all" wheel you see in every wheel store and custom shop. With an offset built for the JK, You get a great balance of tire clearance(up to 37" tires), scrub radius and handling. Available in Argent, Silver and Black finishes.

    A thin wall socket is recommended when installing to minimize damage to lug pockets.

    Key Features:

    ? Hub-centric design
    ? Recessed valve stems
    ? Compatible with Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)
    ? Tested to stringent SAE J2530 standards
    ? Lifetime structural warranty
  • AEV Conversions - 17" x 8.5" Pintler Wheels - Argent -  $229 each AEV Conversions - 17" x 8.5" Pintler Wheels - Argent - $229 each AEV's Pintler wheel gives you awesome style and 1st rate features along with off-road durability. AEV pioneered recessed valve stems for off-roading to prevent serious trouble when crawling and scraping rocks or other obstacles. Best of all, these wheels were built for Jeeps, not just as another "one-size-fits-all" wheel you see in every wheel store and custom shop. With an offset built for the JK, You get a great balance of tire clearance(up to 37" tires), scrub radius and handling. Available in Argent, Silver and Black finishes.

    A thin wall socket is recommended when installing to minimize damage to lug pockets.

    Key Features:

    ? Hub-centric design
    ? Recessed valve stems
    ? Compatible with Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)
    ? Tested to stringent SAE J2530 standards
    ? Lifetime structural warranty
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