Decked - The Sliding Drawer Bed System

Deck your truck out with the DECKED truck bed drawer system. Unlike other sliding truck bed drawers, the Decked system allows you to stack up to 2,000 pounds on TOP of it! So now you can have your gear stored securely underneath, while hauling dirt bikes or ATV's/Quads on top! Want the perfect tailgating truck? DECKED can help. The twin drawers can double as huge coolers for a few hours of tailgating! Movable dividers let you separate things as you like and keep stuff from sliding around. Sportsman can haul rifles and shotguns, fishing rods, paddles and a whole lot more in the water resistant drawers, and still load the top up with about as much as you can possibly carry. Own a tonneau cover or camper shell? Decked works perfect with these. Another bonus is these are exact fits to each truck bed. No wasted space!
  • Sliding Drawer Truck Bed System Holds 2,000 Pounds Sliding Drawer Truck Bed System Holds 2,000 Pounds
  • Decked Sliding Drawer Bed System Decked Sliding Drawer Bed System

Get Decked - The Sliding Drawer Truck Bed System

  • Custom fit for short and extra-short beds for each year, make and model.

  • Holds up to 2,000 lbs. on top deck, and has built-in tie down tracks.

  • Two drawers under the deck hold up to 200 lbs each.

  • Great for guys that own truck caps / camper shells.

  • No drill installation. Mounts to your trucks factory tie down points.

  • Steel subframe supports the entire system for extreme durability.

  • Stands just 12" tall from the top ribs of the bed.

  • Use for construction, hunting, tailgating and more.

  • Lock your tailgate and the drawers can't be opened.

  • "Ammo cans" add 4 areas of extra storage in front and behind the wheel wells on each side. 

  • 3-year warranty 

Chux price just $1,099.99 with free installation! 

Check out this short video on the DECKED truck bed system:

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